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About Wendy's Cakes & candies

Kraampje Wendy's Cakes Candies, chocolade fudge

How nice that you like Wendy's Cakes & found candies! My name is Wendy and I like to bake the tastiest creations on my fine cooking island on the edge of the Amsterdamse Bos in Amstelveen. So everything happens from my own home, but who knows, I might one day open my own sweet treats shop!

My favorite thing to do is baking and shaping. With Wendy's Cakes & Candies and my graphic design studio Studio Mace + Olive allow me to do the best of both worlds, make many people happy with it and enjoy it to the fullest!

At Wendy's Cakes & You can go to Candies for the tastiest sweet treats. Everything is custom made and made by hand by myself. From a delicious chocolate fudge to great personalized cookies. Fantastic to hand out at your wedding, maternity drink, as a treat at work or to your kids' class. But they also do well as a gift! As comfort food or just delicious all for you alone.


Take a look around and come back regularly because the offer changes often. And do you have a ask? Reassure him so that we can look at the possibilities together. 


See you soon!

xoxo Wendy


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