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Chocolate Fudge

The most popular sweet treat at Wendy's Cakes & Candies is undoubtedly the chocolate fudge! Fudge is a mix of the very best white, milk or dark chocolate from Callebaut with condensed milk, sometimes butter and tasty additions such as cookies or dried fruit. Because you eat fudge at room temperature, the structure is wonderfully soft and you can easily snack on a few pieces in a row. So make sure you don't have to share them or order an extra large portion ;-)


Also available as a Fudge Fanmail letterbox package with a free card for the recipient. And are you treating yourself to fudge because you have something to celebrate? Then go for a party pack. Extra many pieces and extra affordable!

The flavor Choco Fudge Oreo is standard in the permanent range. Limited edition flavors are also available during the various holidays. 

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