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Round tartlets

from €42.95

A small round cake, perfect for your party! Completely in your favorite colors and favorite flavors. Below you will find an overview of all options and prices.


Are your wishes not listed? Then send me onemessage, I like to think along with you!

New goodies from my kitchen: small round cakes. With a diameter of 17 cm they are perfect for any occasion. Choose from 3 or 6 layers, suitable for 8 or 12 people respectively.

These small round cakes not only look cozy, but also match perfectly with your taste. Below you will find which one various cake types I can use for your cake, including butter-free options and choose from the many different  tasty fillings. And for that little extra, choose a delicious addition such as choco chips or stroopwafel crumbs. As standard, the  tarts are decorated with mascarpone cream, freshly baked personalized vanillacookies and festive sprinkles. Do you want to add something extra to your cake? Choose from a selection of delicious treats such as chocolates, candies and macarons. You can also think of non-edible decorations such as wooden and acrylic toppers, play figures, special candles and flowers. In short, this cake should not be missing at your next party!

Cake flavours

Without butter:

  • Vanilla sponge cake*

  • Chocolate sponge cake*

  • Quark cake (+€5,-)

With butter:

  • Fine cake (+€5,-)

  • Marble cake (+€5,-)

  • Lemon cake (+€5,-)

  • Herb cake. (+€5,-)

  • Stroopwafel cake (+€5,-)

  • Apple cinnamon cake (+€5,-)

  • Milka chocolate cake (+€5,-)

Do you want 2 cake flavours? This is possible if you opt for a cake with 6 layers and at an additional cost of €7.50.


Fruit spreads:

  • Strawberries*

  • Apricots*

  • Red fruits*

  • Forest fruits​*

  • Black berries*

  • blueberries*

Other goodies:

  • lemon curd*

  • Chocolate mousse*

  • Custard*

  • Nutella*

Do you want multiple fillings? This is possible at an additional cost of €5.



  • Choco chips pure​ (+€3.50)

  • Choco chips milk (+€3.50)

  • Choco chips white (+€3.50)

  • Cookie Chunks (+€3.50)

  • Stroopwafel crumbs (+€3.50)

  • Nougat (+€3.50)


  • Personalized vanilla cookies*

  • Edible confectionery and/or sprinkles*

  • Chocolates, macarons, etc**

  • Play figures, candles, flowers, wooden or acrylic cake toppers**


Number of layers:

  • 3 layers   - €42.95

  • 6 layers - €52.95 

* These options are included in the price.

** Possibilities and prices in consultation. 

These cakes can only be picked up in Amstelveen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Delivery is possible for a fee in Amstelveen and various places around Amstelveen. Inquire about the possibilities!

To book

Reserve a date in my calendar to ensure that you are guaranteed goodies at your party. Upon receipt, I will send you a Wish Form so that I can make a price calculation for you based on your wishes. After approval and payment, your reservation is final and I will get to work for you.

Cijfertaart 8 - Arya.png
Cijfertaart 6 - Jasmijn - Lila.png
Cijfertaart 7 - Sem - Blauw.png
Cijfertaart 2 - Finn - Groen.png
Cijfertaart 4 - Emilia - Geel.png
Cijfertaart 7 - Mason - Oranje.png
Cijfertaart 4 - Olivia - Roze.png
Cijfertaart 4 - Zoë-Sophie - Oranje.png
Cijfertaart 7 - Tawida - Lila.png
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